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Substitute Employment Information

Substitute employees are an essential part of the learning process because they help to ensure valuable instruction time is not lost during a regular teacher’s absence.  By considering the role of a substitute employee with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, you are demonstrating that you invested in our youth and their development, you have a passion for educating our youth, and you are committed to helping us achieve excellence as one of the top-performing urban school districts in the country. The substitute application is not complete until the following process is done:

Application Process     

1.   Complete an online application.

2.    Candidates must submit two professional reference letters.  This can be done by listing names and email addresses of referencing parties as part of the online application or by submitting letters in sealed envelopes to the substitute department.

3.    Candidates applying as substitute teachers must submit official college transcripts for verification of the 60+ credit hours from an accredited college or university.  Those applying for substitute support positions (educational assistants, clerical, nutritional services) must submit a high school diploma or GED scores.

4.     All candidates must complete and clear a background check. You must choose the Nashville, 2601 Bransford Avenue location to be fingerprinted.  You can register for the background check online at or by phone at 1-855-226-2937.  Upon registering you will be required to give this ORI code, TN930050Z.  The cost of the fingerprinting is $42 and is payable by money order in person or via credit card online.

5.    You must submit a photocopy of your social security card for payroll purposes and one document from List A or documents from BOTH List B and List C to the substitute office prior to being scheduled for orientation.  Click on the link for a list of acceptable documents to bring,

6.   Candidates must successfully complete the online substitute management course with a composite score of 85. If you have a valid TN teacher’s license or applying for a substitute support, the test is not required. You may access that course online at  The cost of this course is $39.95.  Upon successful completion of the course applicants must submit the SubDiploma with their composite score to the substitute office.

7.    After successfully completing steps 1-6 and submitting the completed application packet, your application will be processed and you will be contacted to attend the Substitute Orientation.  Please allow a minimum of three weeks for your application to be processed and to be called regarding the orientation.  You must complete the orientation session in order to begin work.  If you have questions regarding the application process or orientation, please contact Susan Fondren at



 Substitute teachers are paid based upon educational level.  Please see the breakdown below:

            60 credit hours

(less than a bachelor’s degree)               $73.20 per 7.5 hour day/$9.76 per hr

            Bachelor’s degree and higher

(Non-certified)                                       $78.45 per 7.5 hour day/$10.46 per hr

Valid TN teaching license                      $83.80 per 7.5 hour day/$11.16 per hr


Support Substitutes

(less than 60 hours, H.S. diploma)         $74.78 per 7.5 hour day/$9.97 per hr

Substitute teachers are eligible to receive an additional $25 per day if they work every school day within a two-week pay period. Substitute support employees are not eligible to receive bonus.


Substitutes will have the option of receiving daily job offers from schools throughout the district or only from those they select.