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Substitute Teaching

1.  What do I have to do before I can begin substitute teaching? 

     Attend an orientation/screening and have application, transcript and
     references on file

2.   How long does it take for fingerprint information to come back?

      Results take at least 7 days.

3.   What happens in Orientation?

      Information about how to be an effective substitute, how to receive
      the highest pay for substitutes, and how to use the automated
      telephone system is given. Also, employment forms are completed
      and an oral and written screening is done.

4.   How do I receive the highest pay?

       Agree to work anywhere in the system every day. 

5.   Do I really have to teach as a substitute teacher or am I a 

      Our substitutes are required to teach the lesson plans that are
      provided by the classroom teacher for whom they are substituting.
      They are expected to use the classroom management techniques
      discussed in orientation and follow the discipline policies of each school.

6.   Will substitute teaching help me get a full-time position?
      Working at different schools will certainly offer you exposure to
      different schools and administrators.